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About Bergen, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

Bergen is Norway's second biggest city and is known as the gateway to the fjords. The city has a reputation for cultural excellence and for its breathtaking landscapes comprised of magnificent valleys, snow-covered mountains, glaciers and waterfalls.

Besides natural beauty, the city has a good selection of manmade attractions.

What to do in Bergen

Bergen offers no shortage of activities for those fond of the 'great outdoors'. Fishing, swimming, golfing and walking are all popular pursuits in the area. Shopping in the town is ideal for those looking for souvenirs or locally made handicrafts. Alternatively there's no shortage of sightseeing opportunities with popular local spots and several means of capturing the city from a bird's eye view.

Tourist Attractions

Fans of culture should visit the Bergen Art Museum, which is an imposing group of three buildings overlooking the beautiful Lille Lungegårdsvann Lake. The museum is home to one of Norway's most impressive art collections. In a similar vein, the Bergen Fine Art Society offers exhibitions of contemporary art, mainly of Norwegian origin and created during the last 150 years. The Bergen Museum of Cultural History Collections meanwhile focuses on artefacts originating from the west of the country and features Viking tools and folk art among others items on display.

The Bergen Aquarium offers visitors the chance to see their exciting marine life collection, which includes penguins, seals and piranhas. The Gallery Bryggen displays a wealth of exhibits focusing on Norway's heritage. For a spot of sightseeing, there are plenty of places around the town worthy of mention. The Fish Market is a busy and colourful place where visitors can get a true feeling of local life. Contrary to its name it sells much more than just fish. Take a trip on the Floi Banen Funicular Railway and you'll get to see some of Norway's most spectacular sights; an eight minute ride to the top of Mount Floyen provides the chance to see the city in its entirety from a prime vantage point. Similarly the Ulriksbanen Cable Car takes you to the top of Mount Ulriken from which views of the islands, fjords and scenic coastal landscape are available. Once at the top, visitors are provided with telescopes which they can use to get a closer look at some of the many sights available.

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